Are gas prices a sign of things improving?

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Are Gas Prices a Sign of Improvement?I took this photo this morning on my way to the office.   I know it isn't earth shattering but I think it is a big deal.  Just a few months ago we were all scared that gas prices were going to hit $5 per gallon and now we are looking at almost half of that.   

Gas prices along with the Dow in my opinion are the two biggest gauges that people use to determine how the economy is going. 

It makes perfect sense too.  On your way to work or to drop the kids off as school, you are bombarded with dozens of neon billboards reminding you how much we need to pay per gallon.  If the prices are higher than they were last week, you feel a bit of a tug on your wallet.  The opposite is true if the prices are coming down.    

Gas prices have a wide effect on the economy as well.  Gas Prices affect the cost of everything in this country that is delivered by truck or plane, which is almost everything.  With the election next week, and gas prices down I think there is reason for people to feel a little better.  Now if we could just get the stock market to calm down maybe we would all go back to normal. 

Just thought I would share.

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