Customer Service is the basis for the people business

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Kelly Taylor - Taylor Realty Services

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful area that still has an appealing cost of living. People want to move here, so we are in contact with buyers for the property we're marketing. Buyers from all over the United States. Mansfield is located in a prime spot at an intersection of busy Highway 5 and busier Highway 60. We are close enough to Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis (to name only a few) to have access to services. But, we are far enough away that we have a smaller community character. Recently I was told that the Mansfield School is one of the schools along the Highway 60 corridor with increasing enrollment. Increasing enrollment means more opportunity and diversity for very important education.

But, we know better than to let the real estate carry itself. We are in a people business and our intention is to deliver a marketing service that benefits people who want to sell and other people who are looking for new places for the future. Benefits that leave a good taste in the mouth for all involved. In our office, we promote a team character working together and supporting transactions from beginning to end. Not that it makes all the difference, but we have a charmng, welcoming building for people to work with us. We are working hard to get ourselves further into the technological advantages that will help us deliver ever better service. Being perpetusally observant fo ways to improve the business for our clients, customers and team is a primary goal at Taylor Realty Service.

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JudyAnn Lorenz
Bar JD Communications - Mansfield, MO
Virtual Marketing Consultant
The ribbon of the people business in real estate as well as other fields runs in lots of different directions.  Brokers are called to be good to customers, clients and agents for the benefit of all.   Having agents WANT to come to work every day makes all the different in how the customers and clients feel.
Apr 19, 2007 07:45 AM