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When methamphetamine manufacturing has damaged your home... And You Had Nothing to do With it.  

Not only does methamphetamine destroy the health of people who use the drug, the manufacturing process for meth causes extreme damage in the places in which it is made. In many ways, this is the real evil of methamphetamines: innocent victims suffer dire health consequences due to unknown exposure to meth chemicals.

The cost for cleaning up a meth-contaminated home can be more than $60,000. Even worse, homeowners' insurance may claim it does not cover this cost.

 At The Frankl Law Firm, we represent homeowners and property owners who have discovered that their property is contaminated by methamphetamine. We have successfully litigated numerous methamphetamine-related insurance claims.

 How Are People Discovering That Their Property Was Once a Meth Lab?

 Every year, many residents of Colorado and other states learn that their property was once used for methamphetamine manufacturing. These properties can include homes, apartments, hotel and motel rooms, car trunks, portable toilets and vacant fields. Once the police are called, the property is immediately vacated and clean-up begins. Or so you hope. Often insurance companies will not pay for the clean-up, leaving you with mounting bills and a home you cannot in which you can not live.

Even if the property owner had no involvement whatsoever in the manufacturing of meth, he or she is responsible for the cleanup costs - and that cost can be overwhelming. At At The Frankl Law Firm, we fight aggressively against insurance companies for the protection of property owners.

 Does Your Insurance Cover Methamphetamine Cleanup? No.

 The effects of methamphetamine manufacturing on a house or other property are severe. Cleaning up a home where meth was manufactured can cost between $30,000 and $60,000. Sometimes, the effects of a meth lab will necessitate the complete demolition of the property.

Insurance companies realize the high costs of meth cleanup, and the decision not to cover it is in their economic best interest. Insurance will cover more obvious property damage caused by fires, mold and water, but will not touch damages caused by meth manufacturing.

The attorneys of The Frankl Law Firm, P.C. in Denver, Colorado, are ready to fight aggressively against a denied claim for meth clean-up. The high costs of meth cleanup are more than any innocent property owner should have to pay.


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