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Remember when you were a child and used to play musical chairs or spoons?  The anticipation of whether you would be left out was terrifying!  This is the way our clients are feeling in today's market.  Do I sell or wait?  Do I purchase now or later?  Do I lock or float?  Do I have a loan officer that is knowledgable and looking out for me, or do I have one who is only interested in making a dollar?  Does my realtor really care about my needs and wants or are they just trying to get another sale on the books?  Did my builder give me all the bells and whistles or cut corners for price sake?  Questions, questions, questions???

This is what we do every day so we are very familiar with what it going on in the market, we do it over and over and sometimes we assume everyone else knows what we do.   We need to remember to treat every client like they don't know a thing about the market and give them information, guidance and many explanations.  We need to do it with patience and sincerity and let them know they are our blessings.  There are many Mortgage Companies, Realtors and Builders and if they talk to us, we need to give them their money's worth.  Communication and knowledge is the best way to attract a client and keep them. 

Have you recently lost a client?  Did you do your very best?  Share your story.

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Chris Montz
Network Funding, LP - Birmingham, AL

You are totally right..... the Media and negative people has everyone so scare to do anything.  Fact is 95% of the media and negative people that are crying the blues dont know what they are talking about.

Oct 29, 2008 02:03 PM