North Carolina & The Outer Banks Coastal Hazards Website

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North Carolina & the Outer Banks Coastal Hazards Website


Nature is a powerful force that can strike when least expected, or perform unanticipated feats even when the worst is expected.  Coastal regions are especially vulnerable.  Coastal hazards are exacerbated by the tremendous power of the vast body of water that nestles up to the land. 


A new web site developed by coastal experts from East Carolina University (ECU) brings research from ECU's Institute for Coastal Science and Policy, the departments of Geological Sciences and Geography, and work from scientists across North Carolina together on one user-friendly site.  The site is designed to help minimize the impacts of coastal hazards on North Carolina citizens through education and shared ideas and data.


The site is referred to as the North Carolina COastal HAZards Decision Portal (NC COHAZ), and can be found at:    


The site has several mapping tools and has a strong focus on hurricanes, storm surges, shoreline erosion and their potential effects on the North Carolina coast, including economic effects.  For instance, some of the mapping tools overlay satellite images of the Outer Banks and demonstrate areas that are at high risk of flooding and erosion from natural events along the coast, and these events have a direct impact on the economics of the area.     


Coastal hazards can have major consequences for people who live, work, and recreate in areas along the North Carolina coast.  Visit NC COHAZ for updates on North Carolina's coastal hazards and the impacts they may have on you. 

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