Should you interview real estate agents?

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Real estate agents interview you to determine if they want to spend their time working with you, so it's o.k. for you to interview them as well.  Some buyers and sellers find interview questions on the Internet - - this is fine, but many times the questions are irrelevant and will be mostly answered when the agent gives their listing presentation to the sellers or goes through their buyers booklet when sitting down with buyers.

This process can be simplified greatly if you will just listen to the agent's presentation and then finish up with the following questions if they haven't been addressed:

1. Are you an experienced full-time agent that keeps current with new information and how many years have you worked as a Realtor?

2. Do you understand and take seriously your fiduciary responsibility to your clients and can you explain to me how that works?

3. Do you practice risk reduction when working with your clients and how do you do that?

4. Do you have negotiating strategies that create a win-win situation for your clients and what are they?

5. Do you expect me to be loyal to you and how does it work if we have a personality conflict and can't work together after we've signed an agreement.

This sums up the really important issues involved.  Some of the other questions on the Internet really have no bearing at all on the Realtor doing an excellent job for you by being knowledgeable and organized and meticulously watching over your interests and safety.  An agents job is to help people make smart decisions at the most critical moments in their lives!




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