Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday...but not Your Selling Potential!

Real Estate Agent with LISTINGLIGHT

Just think about it, growing up we never wanted to come home from school in the dark. When we got older we didn't want to drive home in the dark and now as Realtors our signs are out of business at 5p.m. beginning this Sunday! The reason we invented the LISTINGLIGHT, A NIGHT LIGHT FOR REAL ESTATE SIGNS was to give you an edge. How great is it to see 3 signs in the dark on a street while yours are illuminated!!!

Photo of Listinglight

Listinglight fully illuminates both sides of your sign and flyer box and creates a buzz in your farm area!

You can use them to:

-gain an extra 150 hours of exposure monthly

-attract new listings

-sell current listings

-use as a listing tool which can create a tie breaker with a competing agent

-have Twilight open houses

Sellers-Get the extra exposure

Buyers- can spot new or existing listings

Agents- sell their listings faster and attract new clients

For more info go to our website at and read 100's of testimonials. Listinglight's are battery operated with a 3 or 5 hour illumination option and are much brighter and more relaible than solar lights.

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