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Well it's that time of the year...Dues are Due... and you either wrote a check or put them on your credit card in order to maintain your status as an active Realtor... Whenever I pay $425 for anything I like to look for a direct benefit to increasing my business... Membership should have its privileges.  In this case, I consider this expense a static investment.   I am not downplaying the role of FAR, NAR, or ORRA... your membership plays an invaluable role to provide real estate practitioners the resources, education, tools, and guidance to make your individual business model a success.  I get that... I hope you do... But, 90 % of your Success in Real Estate Business revolves around your Active Investments...  Simply put, "Time or Money" which will actively promotes consideration to buy, sell, rent, and auction real property...

Anyway, why not write another $425 check or extend you credit line a bit more to drum up some business...

Cheap stuff... Flyers!  We have beautiful weather... walk neighborhoods where you have a listing... $.15 each gas... $25-$50  total investment...  planting seeds for the future... how about an apartment mailer... $.40 all in... you can mail 1000 postcards... 250 for 4 weeks or 1000 straight away... If you worked at Real Living... you get 250 free from Quantum mail... and with the push of a button get them mailed... delivered on your schedule...No printing, No stamping and No lines at the post office...

What if you go to the local grocery...on a a collection for a nonprofit or a bake sale for your church and then simply pass out business cards.  Community supporter meets neighborhood expert...  Or look around for other marketing opportunities, internet prospecting, Newsletters or Calendars... So many ways to get in front of prospects...

Or you can hang around the water cooler, remembering the good old days sharing "Oh Yea" stories with fellow knuckle draggers...

I know this market is tough but just like a turtle stuck in the middle of the road; you only have 3 choices.  1st, stay tucked in your shell until someone runs you over... or 2nd you can keep moving to get to the other side...

And, more often, the turtle keeps moving.... He knows it's harder to hit a moving target...

I know what some of you are thinking... what was the turtle's 3rd option? 

It's simple...He can stay put, praying someone will pick him up and brings him to safety... So, for all you folks...?

I just did.

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Karen Villa Schweinfurth
RE/MAX Northwest Realtors, Inc. 425-308-3669 - Everett, WA
ABR, CRS, SRES, CyberStar

I disagree with you. Your Realtor dues are VERY important for your future business. Think of networking, education (we offer free clock hour classes) for our memebers, leadership possibilities. I can name several leads I got this year from my Washington Realtor membership.  Not to mention the professionalism attached to the Realtor "R".

Oct 30, 2008 11:19 AM
Portsmouth NH Real Estate Agent - Rebecca Skane, Realtor®, e-PRO®
Keller Williams Coastal Realty - Portsmouth, NH

I think the Realtor association should recognize the fact that many Realtors are not going to be able to pay the dues this year and if they want to keep people, they should reduce the fee dramatically, just this year, to show support for their own.

Oct 30, 2008 11:54 AM
Stephanie Kresl
Global Assist ~ Orlando Sales Division - Orlando, FL

Tony, I get it! I love the turtle analogy!!! :-) There's also something to be be said for the special people in ones life who can lift them up with faith and encouragement! Thanks.

Oct 31, 2008 06:54 AM