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As a brand new commercial broker, entering the field from an unrelated field, I found it incredibly challenging to pick up all the nuances related to this industry.  Don't misunderstand, my firm went above and beyond what was required to train me... assigning an experienced mentor, weekly lunches with the principal broker... they even hired a personal coach for approximately 4 months of sales training.  I work for a great firm.

However, I found that even will all this training, the only way to get your feet in this business is by doing it.  It reminds me of learning Spanish when I was high school.  I had two consecutive years of classroom spanish instruction.  I could tell you to "sit down" or "close the door" or "eat that banana" without thinking twice.  It wasn't until a trip to Mexico that I discovered I didn't know a lick of spanish!

The same thing happens in commercial real estate.  You go to class and take a test and get your license... you read books... do your research... you talk to professionals... even get assigned a mentor.  But, it's not until you interact with that first buyer or seller that you realize you don't know this business.  It seems like every question is a slightly different variation than the "book question" you learned.  The "sure thing" closing doesn't happen for a reason that wasn't covered in "the class."

I learned very quick that it's best to just get out there and interact.  Sometimes I know the answer and sometimes it takes a week for me to find out the correct answer.  Either way, I'm more knowledgable and more valuable to my clients today than I was yesterday.  It's the classic: READY, AIM, FIRE! - or - FIRE!  READY, AIM scenario.  Many brokers spend way too much time AIMING... and wait way too long to FIRE!

I've always heard a man who deposits his money in his mind... will never be broke.  Well, I say a man who puts his knowledge into ACTION... will always have money!   


Thanks for a very insightful post.   Can you also elaborate a little more on how you obtain the Emerging Broker Training with Coldwell Banker? Do you have to be hired and selected first in order to enter the training?  Where was the training held?  What are the steps in applying for the Emerging Broker Training?  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


Mar 29, 2010 06:20 AM