Rock Tops, Inc., Rock Tops Granite, Rock Tops Marble & Granite Countertops & Tile Granite Fabricator Won't Be Reported as Rip Off or Unscrupulous as they Lead Market with Quality Check List Macomb Twp. Michigan

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

Recent tour and interview with Rock Tops Granite showed quality in high-tech equipment and exemplary customer service with over 9,000 countertops installations being done each year


Macomb, MI - Bob Gasiorowski, owner of Rock Tops Granite, was recently interviewed by Mark Maupin, a local real estate investor, mentor and college instructor.   Mark said, "I love what Rock Tops Granite, one the largest granite and marble countertop fabricators and installers in the United States has done to ensure customer satisfaction. Their Company does over 9,000 installations a year.  Having owned my own home improvement company, I know that when you look at the number of jobs Rock Tops Granite does with little to no complaints, they must be providing a great service. So, I went to their warehouse and showroom looking for Granite Countertops for my own home."


Mark recently toured one of Rock Tops Granite's show rooms and observed the people working there.  "I visited their show room and asked both owners of this company what their secret for success was?  Both told me the same thing with their actions and their words. What I observed was old fashion hard work, listening to the customers needs, and putting systems into place to take care to the customers," said Maupin. 


Mark was impressed with their quality control practices and customer communication policies.  When asked why he telling a customer in the show room to spend extra time looking over the work at the time of installation to make sure everything was perfect. Bob explained, "The last thing I want is anyone thinking that "Rock Tops Granite countertops are a rip-off, or that the company is unscrupulous.  I want to be sure the customer is completely satisfied before they sign off on the job and the installer leaves their home."  Bob also showed Mark their rigid hiring process and the detail that goes into checking future employees' references and background checks. 


Bob proudly showed Mark their state of the art, computer controlled cutting equipment for cutting and shaping the granite countertops.  Bob explained, "This system expedites the field measuring process, and it is especially attractive for remodels because the technology allows for detailed measurements to be taken and accurate data to be collected, without having to remove the existing counter tops. Customers don't have to live without use of their kitchen while their replacement counter tops are being fabricated. It also helps to map uneven wall surfaces for an accurate fit and finish."  


So if you're ready for the most perfect countertops at the best possible price, or if you simply enjoy looking at beautiful things, stop by Rock Tops brand new showroom and manufacturing facility.  Visit their website at to find a location near you.






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