Rock Tops Granite Representative to Visit Detroit, Michigan Investors Club to Display Marble and Granite Countertop Samples and Share Remodeling Tips

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

Investors are looking forward to the monthly meeting in November where they will meet and network with a new vendor who services investors and property managers


Detroit, MI - Mark Maupin, founder of the National Real Estate Network in Metro Detroit, Michigan is always looking for new vendors and speakers for his REIA group.  "Members seem to get just as much enjoyment and benefit out of networking with the vendors as they do from listening to our featured speakers," said Mark Maupin.  "Our speakers are terrific, but we actually have some members who just show up for the networking, then leave before we introduce the speaker." 


Mark Maupin and a group of real estate investors recently toured the showroom of Rock Tops Granite in Macomb, Michigan, where he learned a lot about their product and services.  Several members of Mark's real estate group are looking to remodel homes in high-end markets and they're looking for quality products and services to ensure that the finished products measure up to the neighborhoods they're located in.  "Investors who purchase property in very desirable, suburban areas know they cannot get away with cheap, inexpensive rehab jobs like they do in urban areas," Mark explained. 


At a recent meeting where Mark was planning his next REIA group event, one of the investors who had toured the Rock Tops Granite facility suggested offering them a vendor table where they could bring samples.  "The investors who went on the tour with me were very impressed; they've been talking to other members and I've received several phone calls and emails asking when I'm going to be introducing this company to the club," Mark said.  "It's just amazing how quickly word gets around.  I'm happy to say that I have arranged to have either the owner, Charlie Thiede, or one of two of his representatives to set up a table at our next meeting on November 20th."


Rock Tops Granite specializes in marble and granite countertops and tile.  They use very high-tech, state of the art equipment for cutting and shaping the edges of the granite to perfection, a process that takes days or weeks to accomplish with average equipment.  Rock Tops can accomplish this within hours with their computer controlled cutting machine, one that costs about $300,000, which is one reason many of their competitors are not using this technology.  "I had the privilege of seeing this done when I toured their facility, and it was amazing," said Maupin.  "I'm thinking of investing in new countertops for my own home and I'll be having Rock Tops Granite give me an estimate soon."  Mark recommends visiting to locate a showroom and take a tour.


The National Real Estate Network is also known as a REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) and they meet the third Thursday of each month where they have networking, learning and a featured speaker to cover a specific topic.  This group has grown to include many small business owners who are not related to real estate investing as well.  The meetings are structured so that they have networking time during the first half of the event and a speaker at the end. 


Come and meet their newest vendor, Rock Tops Granite, at the Wayne County Community College Western Campus at 9555 Haggerty Rd; Belleville, Michigan, 48111.  This meeting will be held on November 20, 2008, from 6pm to 9pm.  Look for signs directing you to the Lecture Room. 





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