Burger Den Day!

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It's a Burger Den Day!  There's a little restaurant about a mile from my house where many of the locals gather every morning to have breakfast, drink coffee, or to just catch up on the latest gossip.  You will find a variety of people there each day.  High school students coming by in a rush trying to grab a biscuit, moms at the drive through taking their little ones to daycare, preschool and school, workers on their way to another day at the "salt mill," and my group those that are they for the socializing.  By 8:30 am we'll have about 12 seats filled, and for the first few minutes you hear coffee by sipped, greetings being given, food being consumed, and then the line everybody's waiting on, "did you hear about."   Ears perk up, the group gets quiet, and all eyes are on the one about to give some new revelation.  From there it's hard to predict where the conversation goes.  It might be on politics or the latest prices at the stock market.  I don't mean Wall Street but the weekly cattle auctions, that's the stock their concerned about.  From there the "bull" begins and it's great.

Never fails Ronnie saw a monster buck but couldn't get a shot.  Mike had a bass on that must have been a record but broke his line.  Ben's rabbit's dogs jumped more rabbits than they could count, and Homer's pumpkin patch or "punkin patch" has "punkins" that he'll have to carry out of the field with a tractor.  So you get the feel.

Then all of the focus is turned to me and I feel the attention, the pressure is mounting, the tension is building and here it comes.  "Parker they say, are ye sellin any houses."  I swallow hard, stiffen my back, look  ‘em in the eyes and say EVERY DAY!  They all chuckle, one might respond with a comment that wouldn't be appropriate to post and then I explain again that real estate is local and we are still in business and still listing and selling.

What's my point?  Glad you ask!  From that of over-haul wearing, blue jean clad group I've sold over 2 million dollars worth of property.  Plus at the present, from that same group I have over 2 million worth of property listed.  So, never take for granted the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker, or the Burger Den patron, you never know what they've got in the front pocket of those "overhauls."

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