Want Funding For Everything And A "REAL" Trading Platform!?

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Want Funding For Everything And A "REAL" Trading Platform!?

Here at ComResInvestments, we have many ways of helping you get your deals closed. Whether you are involved in real estate or business, or a combination of both, we would be happy to assist you. We have Hard Money, Transactional Funding for your Short Sale and Flip Property scenarios, SBA loans, can supply JV and Equity Participation, Lines of Credit, supply Proof of Funds and Electronic Banking Verification, provide Factoring, have a Credit Card Receivables program, plus more! Most of our programs are International as well. Please contact us with your residential, commercial or business scenario today! www.comresinvestments.com

Our most popular program right now include:

1. Transactional Funding for your Short Sale and Flip Property scenarios www.comresinvestments.com/transactional.html

2. Commercial funding worldwide, $1 Million and up! www.comresinvestments.com/commercial.html

3. Proof of Funds www.comresinvestments.com/proofoffunds.html

4. Credit Card Receivables www.comresinvestments.com/ccadvance.html

5. Lines of Credit both for personal and business www.comresinvestments.com/loc.html

A "REAL" Trading Platform!?

This program is excellent for a company that has capital but looking to expand or use the funds to enhance their balance sheets!

This Trading Platform is direct through JP Morgan and their Asset Management Firm Partner. Our company is privileged to be offering it exclusively! A Client can not approach JP Morgan directly as this is only offered via the Financial Consulting Firm that we work with.

This is NOT a secret trade program that everyone hears about yet no one has ever been paid on.

This is NOT a secret trade program whereby a client is required to submit a complete application package, including confidential information and bank statements, to a private unknown entity in the hopes you will get a contract and get paid.

This is NOT a secret trade program whereby you could speak with 1000 people offering these deals yet not speak to one person that has actually closed a deal and been paid.

Clients deal direct with JP Morgan, they receive referrals of clients successful in this transaction. Anything the client needs or requires to give them a comfort level is provided, including meeting in NY or Zurich with JP Morgan directly.

No other Trade Platform better than this. It offers security of principal and WELL ABOVE AVERAGE RETURNS.

The current financial worldwide crisis has NO affect on the JP Morgan-Transaction Opportunity.

If anything, it makes this transaction even stronger because of the other failures in the financial markets.

The US Treasury Dept. has agreed to financially back a handful of the STRONGEST BANKS in the US. This includes JP Morgan. This only enhances this Trade Platform and makes it even stronger.

This structure can also be utilized if you have a "Financial Backer" for your company or project and would like to offer protection of principal funds with the ability to generate needed capital for your project/company. Principal Parties:

FINANCIAL CONSULTING FIRM: Licensed in Canada and the United States. The Firm is registered with the Asset Management Firm and authorized to offer this transaction on behalf of JP Morgan and their Partner, the Asset Management Firm.

ASSET MANAGEMENT FIRM (Over $15 Billion Dollars in Managed Assets): Fully licensed and regulated under Swiss Law.


Acceptable Deposit Bank/s:

EUROPEAN/OTHER: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank, Julius Baer, Neue Bank Lichtenstein, UBS Bank.


Other Deposit Banks (not listed) acceptable as well. If funds on deposit at other Banks other than listed above, they will be considered on a case by case basis.


1) Security of Funds

2) Funds remain in your own bank (If one of the Transaction Partner Banks)

3) Daily Account Performance Updates

4) Complete Transparency of entire transaction

5) Pre-Qualified Buy/Sells with contractual exit buyers

6) ABOVE AVERAGE RETURNS (Can only state this by law at this time)

Minimum: $10 Million Dollars ($100 Million Preferred)

To learn more and submit your info to be contact, please visit: www.comresinvestments.com/jpmorgan

Patrick B. Simmons President

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