AmerenUE deadline nears for encapsulating docks

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Lake of the Ozarks to be free of white foam

Dec. 3 marks the deadline for dock owners to have replaced all non-encapsulated foam flotation with encapsulated floats approved by AmerenUE.   The problem with the non-encapsulated foam was that it would tend to break away from docks, creating a real eyesore along the shoreline; not to mention the hazard it posed to boaters.

AmerenUE currently estimates about 90% compliance, and has begun taking aerial photos of the shoreline - documenting structures that have not yet replaced their old foam.  

With efforts this fall by AmerenUE to begin contacting owners not yet in compliance, along with the volunteer efforts of many groups and individuals participating in the Fall shoreline cleanup;  the days of seeing and dodging unsightly foam blocks are coming to an end.

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