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One thing about going into business for your self you quickly learn what your strengths and weakness are. I found out mine when i had my interior design business in California. I knew i was good with the client and to sell my services. I knew i was good at design and the client was happy with the out come. That all came easy to me it was the behind the seens stuff that was my weakness. Doing the books, accounts, filing systems, and the list goes on. So on the front end was thriving and back end was overwhelming to me. So when we moved out to Idaho i promised my self and husband i would hire someone to do the back end work for me. I found this wonderful organized person at my daughter's preschool. She is a mom looking for something to do so i grab her and told her what i needed and she accepted. I pay her now $10.00 an hour and she comes in and dose what the business needs at the time. she does inventory, quick-books, files, mailers, helps me shop when i need a second cart and comes with me to set up. I value her a lot, cause she does the stuff i know i am not good at. It leaves me to work on marking, clients, Realtors , and  to the creative things i like best staging. I feel most creative people have this problem and getting help will save a business. You can find these assistants any where look at friends, neighbors, and school moms. After getting my assistant i felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders and i knew my business would grow and be successful. I still handle all the money transaction and i over see her work.  So a huge thank-you goes out to Tracy Ashby for making my job fun again and not so overwhelming!!!!

Maria lechner

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Leslie Godbold
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Maria, Good Move!

 Sometimes the hardest thing is realizing we CAN"T do it all. Even if we need a part time person for 10 hours a week that  is 10 hours more a week to spend with our family, staging, shopping or just plain catching up on SLEEP!

Apr 16, 2007 11:13 AM
Sue Argue
Staged First Impressions - Hampton, NH
NH Home Stager

Maria, sounds like your life is easier, and Tracy has a great boss :)


Apr 16, 2007 11:43 AM