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Changed a Flat and STILL Made the Next Appointment! (Central Arkansas Real Estate)

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It was a first!  In over 13 years as a Central Arkansas Realtor I have never had the misfortune of having a flat while showing homes.  Nails in tires from showing new construction, yes, but not a blow out while in the process of showing. 

After showing one home, I noticed the wheel tugging hard to the right.  Great!  I thought.  A flat tire... My client offered to help and I was very appreciative - I didn't even know where the jack was in my new car yet.  I said "Remember in the movie Christmas Story?  ... Time me!"  to which my client replied "Fuuuddggge!"  Gotta love clients with a sense of humor.

As we finished up, he commented on how calm and cool I was.  He recalled a time when he helped someone change a tire who was cursing, yelling and stressing out.  I told him that it could have been much worse.  We could have had bad weather, been on the interstate, not had air in the spare, etc.  I glanced at my watch - Hey look, we just have time to make it to the next house for our appointment! 

On the way to the next home, I really was calm.  Wow.  This would not have been the case a short time ago.  A much needed shift in my way of thinking had finally started to take hold - not simply a "positive thinking", pie in the sky kind of thing, but a deep, true sense of being thankful for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that God gives us.  I'm blessed to even have the chance to have a flat.  The majority of people in the world can't even afford a car at all.

I may not be ready for the NASCAR racing pit, and could probably NEVER change a flat that fast again, but I'm thankful for the experience. Afterwards my wife reminded me that we have roadside assistance, to which I replied "Yes, but would they have gotten there fast enough to make the next appointment?!"

Take care and God bless,

Your Central Arkansas Real Estate Guy,

Mitchell Mote

Mitchell Scott Mote CRS,GRLA

Executive Broker, Weichert Realtors, Pat Mote Properties