Happy Halloween

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When I was a little girl, I would go trick or treating with my cousins.  I have a huge family which extends to my Aunts and Uncles by marriage's families.  We would travel all over to gather treats --- no time restrictions and pictures galore (not to mention GOOD FAVORITE CANDY).  We never went to strangers' homes - never had a need to as there just were not that many strangers in my small rural hometown.  As a grown up having moved away from family, with a little 8 yr old girl (who was a devil/angel tonight - pooped and asleep now) we usually go to a little nearby Main Street town where all the businesses align the street with assorted goodies.  It is fun to see all of the costumes.  This evening though, my husband had to work late, so I took my little devil-angel to an entertainment center (Monkey Joe's).  They had a costume contest and a food drive in lieu of admission tickets.  She made some new friends and I spoke with some interesting people.  We had a great time.  Just a little candy but a LOT of FUN.  It wasn't a typical Halloween - but she thanked me and asked if we can do the same thing next year.  We both agreed that the best costume was "The Tin Man".  This very thin young man had spray painted his hair and face silver, strapped a silver painted funnel to his head, and "mummy-wrapped" his whole body in silver duct tape, he had a small red heart pinned to his "metal" body on his chest.  He was a bit stiff... smile... but an amazing costume resulted.  Would love to hear your childhood memories or this evenings most memorable costume.

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