Dallas Market

Real Estate Agent with J.C. Ryan Realty

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in the next 6 months the time to buy may be now.  I know with all the negative news about the stock and housing markets you might be asking yourself is this really a good time?  According to the latest data Dallas has one of the strongest housing markets and economies in the Nation. We are also one of the top 4 cities when it comes to relocation, which means company's are flocking to the area. With interest rates still near record lows we feel this is a great opportunity to buy a home at a discounted price. Over the years it is my experience that when all the SO CALLED experts tell you not to invest in a home or the stock market I have found that is always been the best time to buy, after all they are the same experts that told the consumer to buy homes three years ago and to invest in the market at 13,000. IF you would like more information or our thought on the current housing market please feel free to call or email anytime.  

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