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The Horned Toad Couldn't Care Less

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I ranted and I raved and I was angry!  I had a pity party for one and I was the guest of honor.  It didn't make a difference -- the horned toad didn't care and neither did anyone else.  (Sigh...)

So, I changed my window of perception.  I put a treadmill in my office and although I'm pretty clumsy, I haven't fall off it yet although I will say it is a bit challenging in heals.  I stopped listening to housing reports looking for something, anything, that would provide glimmers of hope.  Instead I went back to the drawing board and began looking at how we do business and the clients we serve. 

Being a sign company that serves builders, developers, and condo marketing firms, this little bump in the road has certainly changed the landscape and it is a landscape that differs greatly from what it was.  Instead of lots of green, we have brown and the horny toad taunts me, the little devil.

So, I have changed the wardrobe to include safari clothing, I have changed the tools of my trade and now just carry lots and lots of water and a big stick, I have changed my focus and I'm ready.  I'm ready for whatever comes to me and through it all I will stay on a positive track and be damned to the horned toad. 

Every day, I'm thankful for what I have.  Every day, I focus on what is positive.  Every day, I plan for the future, knowing that what I do now will affect things in the months to come.  Every day, I attempt to make the day brighter for those I come in contact with.  Every day, I remind myself that I love my job.

And when all is said and done, let the horned toad laugh for I am determined to get the last laugh.


Daye Salander