Buying Real Estate In Myrtle Beach While Living In Another State

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Even if you vacation every year in Myrtle Beach buying real estate here can be a challenge if you live in another State. There are also thousands of people who have never been to Myrtle Beach but want to buy real estate because they know someone who has, or they realize that no where else in the Country can you find real estate close to the beach priced much lower.

After vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area for many years, we purchased a second home here and then several years after that made it our permanent residence.  Yes, we moved away from our grown children and grandchild (now grandchildren) but we actually see them more now.

Even though we had extensive knowledge of real estate we did not know that we should have had a Realtor as our Buyer’s Agent working in our best interest. It was not until I went to school to become a Realtor that I found out that real estate buyer’s can choose a Realtor to be their Agent and it is free even if they never make a purchase. So that would be the first thing you will want to do after you verify that the Realtor will show you all properties of interest listed in the MLS, not limiting them to their real estate company or their own listings.

If you plan to visit Myrtle Beach or you would like to search for real estate here from an out of the area location simply tell your Realtor what type of real estate is of interest and, if you have decided on, an area within the Grand Strand. Public access MLS systems do not offer the flexibility that the official MLS system has, so your Realtor can enter your requirements and pull up only real estate listings that match those requirements. If you provide your email address your Realtor can send you those listings. Since pictures within each MLS listing are only as good as the Agent who took the picture for their listing you may need more. After you have narrowed down your property choices and if you are not sure of something because of a picture or lack of one, a good Realtor will preview the property for you and take additional pictures to help in your choice.

To view the inside of any residential property you must be accompanied by a Realtor and the listing real estate company must be notified, so if your plan to travel to Myrtle Beach to look your Realtor will be prepared. If you want to make your choice without traveling, select two or three of your favorite properties and have your Realtor provide you with other cost details or the contact information for those who can provide you with the information. Now with the help of your Realtor’s knowledge you will be able to decide if you want to make an offer and how much you want to offer.

Your Realtor should understand the concerns of Buyers and Sellers who live in another State and your best interest should always be their prime concern. Even after you have made a purchase if you need someone to accept deliveries of furniture or installation of utilities, Realtors, like myself, are here to help our out-of-State clients.


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