Nancy Umbreit opens new Metro Brokers office in Niwot, Colorado

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MetroBrokersTV: You are watching another great episode at I am Scott Shields, communication and marketing event specialist for Metro Brokers and I am joined here today with Nancy Umbreit down at the CAR state convention. Nancy, thank you for taking the time and talking with us today.

Nancy Umbreit: My pleasure. My pleasure.

MetroBrokersTV: So, Nancy, tell me how did you get started with Metro Brokers?

Nancy Umbreit: Well, it was probably, after I had been in business about 8-9 years in a standard, you know, real estate office, giving away all my commission, I decided that was time to stop and I got my managing broker's license and joined a Metro Brokers office in Boulder and was there for four years.

MetroBrokersTV: So, what was it about Metro Brokers? Was it the independence? The way you can run your business your own way? What was it for you? What was your story?

Nancy Umbreit: Well, I think it was the independence. I have many, many years of marketing behind my 16 years of real estate and I really wanted to be able to run my own company, but still have the, I guess just the backup that Metro Brokers gives you, the education, the guidance, the website, all the many resources they have available for an almost nonexistent fee and also the name, because the name is well recognized.

Metro Brokers TV: We now know that you love Metro Brokers and I hear that now you are a new office owner. Is that correct?

Nancy Umbreit: I am. I just got granted a new office license, just less than a week ago in Niwot, Colorado.

Metro Brokers TV: Where exactly in Niwot?

Nancy Umbreit: It is real close to the high school. It's 6897 Paiute Avenue, Niwot, Colorado and we are in Suite #2, and we are going to be open for business November 1st.

Metro Brokers TV: Well, congratulations on that. So, being in Niwot, what is real estate like up in Niwot? It's not really Denver Metro, but it is not too far mountains[Phonetic]. What is real estate going on up there?

Nancy Umbreit: Well, Niwot is a, more than anything else, a bedroom community of Boulder, Colorado. It's a small farming town that has retained its farming influence and is a bedroom community with houses ranging from $200,000 to multiple million dollars and it is a very tight knit community. Myself and my partner have worked that area for all of our careers and while we will be covering, we are called Metro Brokers of Boulder County. So, we will be covering all of Boulder County, but we have a lot of background in Niwot. So, we will be covering, giving them a little extra special attention.

Metro Brokers TV: Well, Nancy, thank you so much for coming down and talking with us today. Nancy Umbreit: My pleasure Scott. Metro Brokers TV: Thats another great episode at Find out more information about Metro Brokers and other real estate related topics at

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