Rural Area Real Estate- No Bull

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Hey Folks,

My name is Julie Gifford. I've been in real estate for about 9 years and at least every other transaction causes me to learn something. I work mostly in Oconee & Pickens County SC and it has some rural areas.

So here's the deal: I was previewing some acreage for some potential buyer-clients. I did "due diligence" and got the plat, listing sheet, read the remarks and all that other stuff.  So I park my car, climb over the "horse gate" and walk for about 1/2 mile up hill in the middle of this pasture. As I crest the top of the hill... I am looking straight at this giant BULL-- gotta be 1200lbs at least. Also in this pasture are some Cows with their newborn calves! You know how any Momma animal is about her baby.

Well I start walking backward as to keep this bull in my sight, and thank goodness I'm not wearing red! So when I get back down over the crest where they can't see me--- I ran like crazy back to my car Whew! I called the Broker/Listing agent and fussed him out about not putting any type of warning about what was in this field. I was so far away from any other houses and any other way out of that field.

My question: does anyone out there know what I should have done different IF these beasts had started after me? Like should I have dropped and played "dead"? Should I have screamed -- would that have scared these critters off? Should I have run to the nearest tree and tried to climb it? They didn't teach us that in any of the continuing education and additional designation classes I have taken! - Julie Gifford

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