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5 Feng Shui TABOO for Real Estate Investors

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Feng Shui is a HUGE part of Asian culture, probably more so for Asian abroad or those who have been raised in Asia. We Feng Shui everything - from our business cards to the colors of our makeup. Everything we do involve Feng Shui - that explains the job security for good Feng Shui masters in Asia.

I vividly remember this Feng Shui master my family consulted since I was a little girl. He was like our family; my grandmother consulted with him for everything - he was almost like God's PA (personal asst).Of course through the influence of my grandma, my parents carried on the tradition and seeked his advise before they were married, and before they started their business, before they bought their house and so on. And yes, the elderly consult a Feng Shui master before they pass away so they can pick the best lot at the cemetery - its all about LOCATION!

Feng Shui is an ancient art with the same basic guiding principles observed by all real estate investors - its all about LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!

The study of Feng Shui in landscaping can get very complicated as it involves the study of the terrain and the wind to determine the balance of the earth's energy we are surrounded with. For the sake of the mind drifters, I simplify and picked out the few TOP Feng Shui rules in selecting an investment property.

Here are a few Feng Shui taboos you must avoid at all cost:

AVOID homes with front door facing major road and/or between two major roads as well as intersections. The energy (noise and traffic) from the road is too strong, causing imbalance of energy to your home not to mention directing negative energy towards your home. And if your home is sandwiched between two major roads - the owners, especially the occupants will be seriously afflicted with great difficulties in their lives.

AVOID homes facing tall buildings and churches/temples. Tall buildings such as an apartment complex creates obstacles - its basically blocking the natural flow of good chi (good energy). Temples and churches can be a place of mourning - which disrupt Yin energy (good, cheery energy)

AVOID homes sitting on a lot below the road level. The idea here is to avoid finding yourself sleeping "underground" with the dead. Ideal lot is one with a good back support such as a mountain or a nice solid building structure or mansion behind the house, A clean flowing river or bright open space/field in front, And a slightly higher building/home or even a hill on the left of the house than the right (from inside of the house looking out)

AVOID at all cost homes sitting at the end of a road (you're on a dead end), sometimes referred to as a "T" junction. Imagine this good energy traveling down a straight road halted by a dead end -because it meets such an abrupt stop, the energy transforms to Shar Chi (killing breath) hitting your home. Its hundred times worse if the dead end meets your front door !

AVOID any poison arrows. Stand at the front door looking out - check out the entire surrounding. Watch for pointed corners of roofs, antennas, street light posts, road signs, etc. If you absolutely cannot avoid this, it can be remedied by blocking the effect of Shar Chi with a tree or fountain, depending on the location and the type of poison arrows. Crystals are also widely used Feng Shui cure, it possess a strong energy vibration to help dissipate Shar Chi. For outdoors, windchimes are more commonly used. The sound the wind chime makes help regenerate the balance of energy.


Good luck and don't forget to check back for my next blog on Cleansing Your Foreclosed Home

Kristy P

thankss for your article. Sure glad there's truly someone out there who live and breath feng shui instead of just take a day course and become a specilaist.

Dec 11, 2008 08:51 AM