apathy in the mortgage industry

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After months of constantly being bombarded with "bad news", it's pretty easy to see why a sense of apathy seems to exist in our industry.  The economy is bad, investors are changing all there programs or going out of business, home values are decreasing, there's a presidential election.  All of these things are's tough.  Maybe its up to us, the brokers, loan officers and realtors, to start changing the mood.  Maybe we need to view each day as an opportunity to make things better, to have a more positive attitude, to uplift each other.  Sure things have to values have been decreased, credit score requirements have gotten higher and qualifying borrowers or buyers has gotten tougher.  We still have opportunities.  If any of you have any buyers or borrowers have less than perfect credit contact me at  I'll try to help any way I possibly can.  Let's bring our industry back!