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 You know I don't like getting political on AR. So I will keep this to a minimum. But did anyone else see that piece on CBS this morning yesterday about Patriotism? It seems one of our political candidate's thinks that Patriotism gets in the way of democracy. This coming from a person who admits on National Television to attending and participating in flag burning ceremonies, and admits he will not stand with hand over heart pledge to our flag, or participate in our National Anthem, but would rather hear "I'd like to teach the world to sing" instead. I have one thing to say about this. If you don't love our country, if you don't honor it, and value it as the greatest country in the world, if you don't feel moved at the sacrifices of all those who have risked or given their lives to protect it......there's a big airplane nearby wherever you are, and I will personally pay for your one-way ticket to whatever country you'd rather live in. I never thought in my lifetime there could come a time when we could even consider electing a president who will not even pledge allegiance to our flag! I respect everyone's right to vote for their choice, and normally I would remain silent. But this I just cannot accept without saying so in the only way I know how.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been so proud to be an American. From as far back as I remember, I have been moved to tears when I hear our National Anthem, or see a Veteran's Memorial Service. When I graduated high school Valedictorian of my class, my speech was a poem. It was written by Jack Hyles, a pastor and chancellor of the college I attended later that year. I typed it onto red and blue construction paper (yes..typed it! Remember those?) and glued it together making a card. Our National Anthem played softly in the background while I quoted it with all of the emotion and feeling I could muster in my heart at the tender age of 16, fighting back my tears long enough to make it to the end.  I still have it, pictured above with my cap & gown.

Many years have passed, and I am still so proud to say it out loud. If you feel the need to express your patriotism, read aloud with me.......


I love Thanksgiving when we pray

And July 4th and Labor Day

with picnics, ants and hungry flies,

and barbeques and hot French fries,

with cokes and chips and apple pies

beneath some hazy, lazy skies...

I Love America.


I love Miami's royal palm

that oozes forth a healing balm

beside the ocean's quiet calm...

I Love America.


I love Betsy Ross and Orville Wright

and dear Ben Franklin's flying kite

and Thomas Jefferson's mighty quill

the Alamo, and Bunker Hill

and Paul Revere's great midnight ride

and Wilbur Wright's successful glide....

I Love America.


I love airplanes in the skies

and baseball when the umpire cries,

"Play Ball" as thousands quietly rise

to turn their moistened sober eyes

toward waving flag that proudly flies

I Love America.


I love the park in the sweet, cool breeze,

and dairy queen, and tastee freeze

and cotton candy at the zoo

and corny dogs and Big Mac's too,

and Burger Kings, and shopping malls

and hockey pucks, and basketballs,

and Mississippi's cotton fields

and Holland Michigan's spinning wheels

monotonous Midwestern plains

Florida's sun, Seattle's rains

Atlanta's lovely dogwood trails,

and Santa Fe's long clicking rails

I love the rocky mountain peaks

beneath a sky which mutely speaks...

I Love America.


I love Disney World, and Disney Land

and Georgia's fertile blood red sand

The Mississippi and Rio Grande

Wisconsin's cheese and dairy land.

I love McDonalds vanilla shakes,

and Minnesota's thousand lakes

the royal gorges mighty yawn

a sleepy Alabama dawn

The harvest moon that shineth on....

I Love America.


I'd love to gaze at Yellowstone

while licking on an ice cream cone

and Howard Johnsons Motor Lodge

and Ford, and Chevrolet, and Dodge

I love the stately Empire State

and San Francisco's Golden Gate

I love St. Louis' friendly arch

the Statue of Liberty's burning torch

the Washington Monuments prickly goad

and Colorado's Trail Ridge Road...

I Love America.


I love "My Country Tis of Thee"

Oh blessed land of liberty

Long may our glorious land be bright

With freedom's wondrous holy light

Protect us by the matchless might....

I Love America.


I love to stand with hand o'er heart

And think of those who did their part

Who left a mom a lone Gold Star

Whose bodies rest ‘neath fields afar....

I Love America.


I love New England's rolling farms,

it's quaint décor and blushing charms

I love azalea's freshened blooms

East Texas roses sparkling plumes

I love it when our church choir sings

and know the peace that worship brings...




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JoAnn Young
Young & Young Properties - Melbourne, FL
Florida Real Estate

I agree with you 100%!  I am going to attach this page to many in my address book if you don't mind.  A VERY good post.  My graduation gown was also RED!  I was there when you recited this poem.  I remember it to the day.

Nov 03, 2008 01:55 AM #1
Pam Hamalainen, President of the Veterans Affairs of Dawson Coun


I appreciate you speaking up and supporting our Veterans and Active Military.  We are the land of the free and home of the brave because they fought for our freedom. Our flag is to be honored and we must place our hands over our hearts when we pledge our allegiance. In the past, only active military in uniform could salute the flag during the pledge of allegiance.The Department of Veterans Affairs recently stated that any Veteran could salute the flag now. They have earned that right.

Now, we as a country must elect a new president. I, for one, voted for a president that honors our flag and country. I want a president that will stand for our country, not change it. You know, I once heard someone say, "If you don't like America, leave. No one is holding you here against your will."  And I would like to say to those people that don't support America, I'll be glad to help you pack!

God bless America!

Nov 03, 2008 02:17 AM #2
Laura Dodd
Chapman Hall Professionals - Johns Creek, GA

Hi Kimberly:

I appreciate your well-written blog and agree with you. I have friends who believe that in many ways it is embarrassing to be an American. They are extremely intelligent and liberal in their political beliefs.  They are raising their children to believe this as well. That makes me feel sad because they are great kids who of course believe what their parents tell them.  I know these people and like them in many ways and fail to understand how they could embrace a concept that seems so fundamentally wrong. 

 I always tell my children (especially my daughter) that it was the accident of their birth that allowed them to be born in the greatest country on earth where they can take for granted freedoms that others only dream of.  When I hear how girls are treated in so many parts of the world (Pakistan for example) where they are not allowed to go to school and are viewed as property and I see my beautiful, educated daughter thriving, I thank God that we live in America. I make sure that my children understand on a daily basis just how lucky they are!

I believe this shift must have started with the Vietnam War which was the first war that so many Americans openly opposed and has just grown. I don't know what will cause a shift in the opposite direction but I pray that  people will wake up and appreciate America before those freedoms are taken away.  It seems like many folks would rather be "taken care of" than to have the freedom to succeed or fail on their own!


Laura Dodd, Power Realty Partners


Nov 03, 2008 02:46 AM #3
Sara Reed, Accent Travel

I don't usually get into posting but this is important.  I have had my days of protesting which was my right but NEVER did I take for granted the privilege of being born in this country.  I have had the opportunity to travel a bit of the world and am always glad to come back home.  I would love for the world to sing in harmony NOT the same key!!!  I am not sure when this slant started and to me that is not of an issue, It is what is happening now... today and how can we impact it.  Look locally, vote, listen, read, broaden your perspective. 

Dont believe the ads or the hype.  Dont be afraid to ask questions.  This is your country, county, state get involved even if it is only to read the local paper and to talk with your neighbor.  Do it from an informed perspective. We as a country have a very short history and our ancestors spilled their blood to get us here as the United States of America!  We have our pride and our shame but it is ours and I am proud to be a small part of it.  By rejecting our flag and our symbols that then is  rejecting the sacrifices of all the people that have gone before to get us to where we are today.  I believe this is horrific in a person we would have lead our country let alone a city or state!


Nov 03, 2008 03:34 AM #4
Missy & YourNGATeam
PalmerHouse Properties - Cumming, GA

Well girl; you just hit home again and again! I am with you 100% and am not a very political person but the way I see it we stand for what we believe in. Any person who does not want to support our flag (the one we stand and pledge to while it still gives me chills to this day) because those brave who fought for it and/or them not wanting to put their hand on a Holy Bible is truly not for me!

As I always say and you know my opinion; ask someone you know in the military who they vote for.

These are the ones who sacrifice it all for us and if they stand by what the do and believe in; I think the world should also. I support these people and what they do for us! 

Nov 03, 2008 07:24 AM #5
Kimberly Luna
Panama City Beach, FL

Thank you all for your comments. I always stand strong in what I believe, no matter if I'm standing alone. Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone!

God Bless America!


Nov 03, 2008 09:48 AM #6
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