BRRrrrr Winter Came EARLY to Our High Country


Well........ The Fall Folage was SPECTACULAR this year! But the leaves are all gone now and things have quieted down considerably 'round these parts. Winter came to the High Country EARLY this year! We had 3" of snow on BEECH MOUNTAIN (eastern America's Highest Town!) last Monday, October 27th!  This was accompanied by two days of sub-freezing COLD temps.......! For any of you out there who planned on getting back for Thanksgiving and either thought you'd not need to winterize your vacation home OR you just forgot - give me a shout and we'll get someone to go by and check on things!  Most of the older homes have copper pipes and even a "pin hole" can reek havoc over time!!  This early cold snap was VERY UNusual in this day of Global Warming!!  Actually, I believe this is characteristic of what we should expect ......  extreme warm AND cold spells. Some of the old 'timers argue that it's what the Woolly Worm predicted and had nothing to do with our destruction on the enviroment! WHO am I to ague with a worm???

Given...the HEAT of the "RACE" to the White House, I thought it'd be warm here up until Christmas! Ah, but tomorrow is November 4....and Barry & I will be getting up EARLY to rush to our polling place on Beech! We're hoping to get ahead of the long lines...........given the HUGE, full-time population of some 330 residents, we could really face quite a "wait"!  Weather is perfect, so NO EXCUSES not to VOTE!  Don't know who'll be successful - but PRAY - as I am sure EVERYONE does - that whoever it is will foster BIG Changes!     Caroline

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Hi, Caroline

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