Backing Up is just so Hard to Do

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Towne Square Real Estate LLC

ice creamIt just never fails.....I mean we're sure it won't.  Then suddenly it happens, like ice cream on a hot summer day, one tiny little unforeseen virus triggers a major catastrophe - a complete computer meltdown!  Suddenly your computer and all it's valuable information are gone!  You gasp in disbelief, push the start button again hoping it's all a figment of your imagination.  Sadly, it's true, all your real estate documents, contacts and portfolio are hidden away deep inside the hard drive like buried treasure.

While sending your computer out to a hardware specialist to recover lost data is a viable but often expensive option, one so much simpler was all that was needed to avoid such a collision with computer calamity.

For $79.99 or less, a slimline external hard drive can provide a security blanket anyone would cuddle if found without their data.   A simple reminder on your calendar once a month, to back up your data (found under Accessories, then System Tools in Windows XP Pro) is an often overlooked task.

Don't lose business, time or efficiency, it's too risky and the need for your computer is the lifeline of your real estate business.  Backing up really is EASY TO DO!!





Glenn Edwards
Realty Executives - Sparta, NJ

Hi Karla,

FYI - I thought backing up was the right thing to do as well but I selected an on-line company to do it for me. Carbonite - they were really easy to use, minimal cost - about $50 per year and all went well until I needed them.. They told me I had to back up the really big files differently and everything that I had saved was gone.  Be Careful of This Company - CARBONITE.

May 19, 2009 12:55 AM