Good Times = Dirty Carpets

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I love entertaining and hosting parties, but I noticed something funny.  See if you can relate.

Since I'm having guests come to the house, I want to make sure everything looks great, right?  So, I call my own company, Wasson's Cleaning & Restoration (one of the divisions I market) to do my carpets.  The guys come over, have the whole house done in no-time-flat, and I feel good about the house looking perfectly gorgeous.

I invite my landlord over to show off the recently-restored-to-white carpets and he is pleased.  Later, I have some girlfriends over and show off the carpet.  As we have our fun, I spill a little wine, and oops, there's a spot.  But we're having fun, so I don't worry about it.  Then, Jessica, my sweet, old Sheltie got sick on the carpet because she overindulged in goodies dropped from the table.  Whoops.  More spots.

As the holidays approach, I'm noticing more friends coming into town for a visit, so I want to make my carpets look good for them, too, right?  I ask myself, "Do I want to get them cleaned before or after?"

I asked Luis Cortes, the General Manager of Wasson's Cleaning and Restoration, for guidance as to how often I should clean my carpets.  He replied, "Why not have them cleaned both before and after your gatherings?  At $0.27 to $0.35 per square foot, what a bargain!  Having your carpets cleaned can increase the life of them and keep them looking like new."

So, I've concluded that good times = dirty carpets.  That's an equation I'll just have to live with.  I know my friends love me, even if they see spots every time they come to visit.

But then there's that dinner date next week with my future mother-in-law.  Hmmm.  Time to call Wasson's!  I hear the pitch rise in my voice as I call 831-883-9665 to schedule an appointment.  "Hey guys, how soon can you come over and clean my carpets?"

How frequently should you clean your carpets?  Here are some guidelines from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC):

If You Have:


Spot Cleaning

Heavy Use Area Cleaning

Restorative Cleaning

Light Soil

1x per week

Daily or when spots are noticed

Traffic areas 12 - 18 months

Every 2 yrs. Or Manufacturer Warranty

Normal Soil (Families with Children, Elderly)

1 - 2x per week

Daily or when spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 6 - 12 months


Heavy Soil (Families with Pets, Smoking)

2 - 4x per week

Daily or when spots are noticed

Traffic areas 3 - 6 months

Semi-annually (2x annually)

Extreme Conditions (Large Families, Multiple Pets)


Daily or when spots are noticed

Traffic lanes every 2 - 3 months

Quarterly (4x annually)


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