Why Stage a Vacant Home?

Home Stager with Staged Home Productions

When I was a Realtor, I had a vacant listing.  Everytime I showed the listing, people would be interested until they saw the master bedroom.  Because of the way it was laid out, it seemed alot smaller than it was.  Time and time again, I had the buyer comment that they didn't think a king size bed would fit, etc.  When showing buyer's vacant homes, I got alot of the same comments over and over - especially in bedrooms.  When a home is empty, it is difficult to determine the room size because there is nothing to put the size into perspective.  It's a fact that most people cannot visualize, therefore this becomes imperative.  It was immediately after I took that vacant listing that I started researching home staging and in having difficulty finding one in the area, decided to becomes an Accredited Staging Professional and change my focus from being the Realtor, to being the problem solver.  Not only does staging a vacant home give perspective, but it adds a little bit of life to the home, and helps it to feel much warmer and more homey.  There's a reason why builder's spend so much money on their model homes.  People want to feel like the home they are buying is move-in ready.  So staging helps the buyer's mentally move in.

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