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Today was one of those truly busy days where you wonder how you will find the time to do it all.... First, I had a client that needed information about a home I had shown them over the weekend that said it was "Turn Key Furnished" only to find out that when they dropped the price to accommodate a Short Sale the Seller was not going to sell it furnished!! So, that one is on hold.......                                                   Next,          My son, Adam, was flying into Long Beach Airport after a 5 day surprise visit to NYC. He needed to be picked up by 12:00pm in order to be at work by 2:00pm.... My daughter, Trisha, as of today received her Masters Degree in Education and I decided to stop by her school to drop off a card, balloons, a bottle of
Champagne, Chocolates & of course some cookies for her class!!   She loved it!!!                                         Then after arriving at my home office, I had to review 35 e-mails, answer 6 and send out pics of the furnishings that were not included in the above Short Sale! Go figure... Next, in about 30 minutes, I have to go out again to a UCLA Mountain Bruins Board meeting. I guess I've been assigned to coordinate the bar for the Fall Art Dinner on Nov.9th.. Boy, it never stops!!!                                                                                But on top of all this, I'm still trying to figure out who, what, etc.... I'm voting for tomorrow!!!!! Will this day never end~~~~~~ The ONLY great thing about this busy day  that included about 100 miles plus driving is that when coming up the mountain on my way home I saw the most amazing view of the sun peaking thru the clouds that I've ever seen... So, maybe this day was a good one after all!!!


Kim Sellers
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Pat, I have faith that you will choose the right candidate and in the whole scheme of things, God is ultimately in control.

Nov 04, 2008 04:07 AM