Comparison of July and October Naperville Real Estate Stats

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Naperville Single Family Stats Compared-July and October, 2008


October, 2008

# Units Avg.   MT Avg.    List Price

    1016         237          $714,068



July, 2008

# Units Avg.   MT Avg.     List Price

    1356           191         $680,191


From the above charts we can notice several things.

1) The number of homes on the market has decreased.

2) The Average Market Time has increased to almost 8 months.

3) The Average List Price has increased.



# Sold   Avg LP Sold   Avg SP       SP:LP Ratio   Avg MT

720        $515,447    $490,300     95%             137

And, yet there's a big difference between the average list price and the final sales price. And, notice that only about half the market has closed within the past six months.


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Corey Davenport
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