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Jeffrey Taylor, Your Money Coach asks, "Are You Setting Your Child Up For Failure?"

Southfield, MI -- As the stock market and property values have fallen, college tuition costs have gone up!  What you do now will determine your child's ability to attain a higher education. Will you and your child be prepared?

Jeffrey Taylor recently spoke at a workshop for business owners where he said, "Let's face it. Colleges have to meet payrolls, run multi-million dollar facilities, and keep the best talent possible. All of that costs millions of millions of dollars and your tuition dollars fund those expenses. Higher tuition costs aren't going anywhere but up!"

Jeff went on to explain, "The best thing any parent or student can do is to take a proactive position to ensure that you get the maximum dollars possible. What did Tiger Woods parents teach us? If you know the rules of the game and teach them early enough; you can dominate your competition!"

At College Funding Resources, LLC Jeff Taylor teaches those strategies that can give a student a dominating edge over their peers.  "When a parent comes to us early enough, we can assist them in saving thousands of dollars that most parents ignorantly overpay," said Taylor.

Jeffrey Taylor's seminars provide insightful, straightforward facts parents need to know to receive the most money possible to combat astronomical college expenses.  For details on the next event visit and sign up for a free membership to receive newsletters and a free electronic book (ebook) loaded with valuable tips.  You can also request to be placed on the waiting list for the next CD and book entitled "Help, I Need Money for College! Right Now Strategies for Parents that Want to Send Their Children to College without Going broke!"

The mission of the College Funding Resources, LLC is to educate parents on the strategies that can be used to fund a college education while utilizing other people's money. The subject of student financial aid is covered profusely in the media, but little is discussed about how to pay off college debt assumed by the parents. College Funding Resources provides free workshops to their local communities on the subject of using various obscure legal and ethical strategies as an alternative to college debt.






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