Higher College Tuition Costs Scare Metro Detroit Michigan Parents; Jeff Taylor offers College Financing Solutions

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on't be afraid, says your money coach, rest easy...all you need is a tuition reduction plan


Detroit, MI -- It is a fact that a college education is expensive and rising every year. Even at lower-priced, state colleges a four-year degree can still cost well above $50,000.  "So what! Big deal!" says your money coach.  "Rest easy! Rising tuition costs are not the real problem to funding the college education of your children's dreams," said Jeff Taylor in a recent interview.


Jeffrey Taylor is known to many parents as "Your Money Coach."  He offers free online seminars, offering tips to parents financing their children's college education.  "I attended his seminar and I wish this was available to me when I was paying for my daughter's education," said Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing Group.  "I'm amazed at Jeff's wealth of knowledge on tuition reduction strategies." College tuition and fees will probably continue to increase at an alarming rate. This startling fact has many parents afraid that they will not be able to fund both their retirement plan and rising college tuition costs.


In a recent survey conducted by the American Council on Education it was found that financing their children's college education is one of the top five concerns facing American parents today.  "Although parents generally have good intentions, there is one main theme behind what really prevents parents from being prepared. That is the lack of preplanning," said Taylor. "Proper planning can make a world of difference. The other problem is parents just don't know what to do within a plan."


Jeff shared some valuable tips as he explained, "Your Money Coach maps out a comprehensive "Tuition Reduction Plan" relevant to a family's specific needs."  Here are a few of the tips that were included in the pamphlets that Jeff handed out:


You must have a written plan of action as early as possible. If you don't have a written plan, parents will be in "Tuition Sticker Shock" and "Retirement Overload". That plan should be inclusive of all your financial goals. Make sure you account for an inflation factor that will give you an accurate cost of tuition for the time your children will be in college.


Make your child known to the colleges of interest as early as possible. Every student has "free money" opportunities relevant to their talent, achievement, and focus. Find out which schools are looking for that talent. Then market your student to those schools. 



Never, ever sacrifice your retirement fund to pay college tuition costs. There are far too many options that are available; even to parents that start planning late in the game.


For questions specific to your own situation email Your Money Coach. He will generally respond within 24 hours.  Jeff will explain terms that are confusing to parents, like scholarship, tuition, 529 plans, tuition tax credits, tuition reimbursements and more.  You can also request his free report entitled" 5 Strategies to Rest Easy While Preparing for High College Expenses."





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