Free Seminar: College Tuition Financing, Obtaining College Financial Aid in a Troubled Economy; Southfield, MI

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Jeffrey Taylor is known by many parents as Your Money Coach.


With over 20 years experience, he has helped many families plan for their children's college education.


Here are some valuable tips that he shares in his seminars:


Prepare yesterday!  Waiting until today will cost you thousands of dollars.


Invest in your child's raw talent in their early years; this talent can be an effective tool to help reduce college tuition costs.  A moderate ability student can get money from a college that has an interest in them; the more talent you child has, the more likely "free money" will be offered.


Choose the right school for the right reason.  Colleges do a great job with marketing; they are a business seeking to make a profit.  Don't let the hype fool you.  Don't get caught up in the marching band or the best athletic team unless those are an important key to your selection process


Jeffrey Taylor offers free seminars to provide insightful, straightforward facts parents need to know to receive college funding and scholarships.  For details on the next event visit and sign up for a free membership to receive newsletters and a free electronic book (ebook) loaded with valuable tips.


You can also request to be placed on the waiting list for the next CD and book entitled "Help, I Need Money for College! Right Now Strategies for Parents that Want to Send Their Children to College without Going broke!"


The mission of the College Funding Resources is to educate parents on the strategies that can be used to fund a college education while utilizing other people's money. The subject of student financial aid is covered profusely in the media, but little is discussed about how to pay off college debt assumed by the parents. College Funding Resources provides free workshops to their local communities on the subject of using various obscure legal and ethical strategies as an alternative to college debt.




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Jeffrey Taylor

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