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Will the TV networks go off the air?


Now that the political ads have run us into TIVO mode while trying to watch our favorite TV shows, will there be enough advertizing to keep the networks afloat?  I sure hope so, because I miss shows like 24, and others. 

How much work did the two senators get done while pulling full salaries and benefits?  We the tax payers paid them full boat while they spent millions in advertizing on television.  What is wrong with this picture? I guess the TV population liked it, and I guess it will help the bottom lines on a P&L.

So one more night of election coverage, and maybe we can get back to normal.


Bob Buchanan


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" Just wanted to take a minute during this crazy busy time of the year to wish you two a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.  Thank you both so much for taking time out to teach me and explain so much stuff, being forthcomming, and honest, ans so very kind. You guys have made a difference in my life, THANK YOU! Reagan W. A Lawrence Homes for Sale buyer.

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