Is an ADDvantage flat fee MLS Listing in Tampa, Orlando and other Florida Cities Really Worth $349?

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Florida by owners list on the MLS using the flat fee MLS services of ADDvantage 2 to 1 over our closest competitor offering a similar service. While ADDvantage is the most reliable flat fee MLS listing service in Florida, not all people selling FSBO with MLS will spend the extra $100 to $150 to list through ADDvantage. They simply do not see the value while others do.

The typical client of ADDvantage can be described as an articulate home-seller. We list homes in the MLS for sellers that have property in very exclusive areas of Miami, Palm Harbor, South Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Orlando, Manalapan, The Florida Keys and Jacksonville. By owners that have expensive homes often choose ADDvantage because they trust what they read on our website and our listing agreements as being true and accurate.

The message we advertise on our website is service and reliability. We are the only flat fee MLS listing service in Florida or full-service real estate company that answers the phone "live" 7 days a week from 8:00am-8:00pm.

Most flat fee MLS websites advertise a different message on their websites...their message is that all calls come directly to the seller. This is 100% inaccurate. The lone exception is ADDvantage. The reason why we don't advertise this message is because it is 100% untrue. All calls DO NOT go to the seller because in, for example, no seller contact information is allowed. Therefore, all calls go the listing broker.

Realtors get "showing instructions" by either calling the seller directly (as it states to do so in MLS under "Realtor Remarks") or they call the flat fee listing broker directly.

The question is...Do Realtors really read the Realtor Remarks section of the MLS and call the seller directly or do they call the listing broker for showing instructions? The answer is they call both.

ADDvantage has answered 2,950 phone calls from Realtors or buyers over the past 12 months looking for showing instructions, lock box codes, more information about properties in or, instructions on making offers and a host more topics too long to mention.

Realtors are responsible for selling 67% of all homes sold at ADDvantage and the other 27% of our sold homes are sold by our sellers directly or "by-owner." If we didn't answer our phone as well as we do, this 27% figure would not be so high. As well, we send all our buyer leads directly to our flat fee sellers...some flat fee services do not.

ADDvantage is the only flat fee MLS service in Florida that explains on their website the importance of phone support. Others don't because they don't charge enough to offer it.

The reason ADDvantage charges $349 for a flat fee MLS listing in Orlando, Tampa, Miami and other Florida cities is because it cost more money to do what we do.

Our 8:00am-8:00pm phone support is just the beginning of the standard concierge services that we offer to our clients. We also make sure we have all necessary disclosures electronically stored in each seller's account for fast retrieval.

Just last Friday evening at 6:45pm, I received a call from an Orlando Realtor wanting to know a few things before presenting an offer.

Her first question was..."Are you one of those flat fee MLS services." My reply was "yes."

Her next questions..."Where do I send an offer?" And my reply was, to the seller directly or to ADDvantage and we will send it to the seller."

I then asked her..."do you need a seller's disclosure statement?" Her reply was "yes...can you email me one."

My reply, "I have one on file, what is your email address?"

This real story is a good example of the level of service that every Realtor receives when they call ADDvantage. Flat fee MLS sellers in Orlando, Tampa and other great Florida cities receive the same high level of service, everyday day of the week...Saturday and Sunday included.

This Realtor had no prior experience with ADDvantage and likely thought she wouldn't get an answer at 6:45 pm on a Saturday evening. I surmise that she hung up the phone thinking that dealing with ADDvantage was fast, professional and not what she was expecting from a flat fee MLS listing service. We had exactly what she needed to present the offer and facilitated the process faster than any other flat fee MLS listing service would have done at 6:45 pm on Friday evening.

I also believe that ADDvantage is the only flat fee MLS service in Orlando, Tampa, Miami or Jacksonville that spends the time and money to send "welcome letters" to every client informing them of important details about being listed in the MLS with ADDvantage...such as completing a seller's disclosure, other needed disclosures and making sure they understand the importance of changing their MLS status to "contract pending" as soon as a contract is successfully negotiated and other important requirements. Our MLS administrators follow up with every client to ensure we have the seller's disclosure and our automated email system will remind our clients again if the seller's disclosure has not been uploaded into "user docs."

The importance of having important documents ready to go is one reason to list with a competent and reliable flat fee MLS service such as ADDvantage.

The examples are endless of why smart articulate sellers list with ADDvantage.

Call us anytime, 1-877-232-9695or visit our flat fee MLS website,

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