Are some agressive partisans disrupting the voting process?

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Let's paly fair 

things are getting crazy, in some states, people are resorting to fake alerts that they give out to prospective voters as information flyers.

According to this email I received today from the Connecticut Democratic party, Republicans are circulating these flyers in Nevada and Virginia.  These are key states for a John McCain victory I suppose. 

Allegedly the flyers say the following: 

1)Your car is going to get towed for tickets at polling places, so don't have any warrants or tickets, if you do don't drive

2)Because of higher turnout, Democrats will need to vote December 5,  Republicans December 4, to handle the huge load of voters

3)You cannot vote if you are in foreclosure on a property.  You have lost your vote.

4)Phone voting ill be allowed this year to handle the huge load of voters at polling places

5)Individuals in alcoholics anonymous programs can't vote

6)Any Anyone 18 years or older can vote, however college students are not eligible to vote.  college students going to polls anyway, wil be arrested.

This all of course is ridiculous, but I imagine that with an air of authority you might dissuade some voters from participating with type of information.  This activity, of course, should be a criminal felony as this sort of thing disrupts the natural voting process of electing your rulers.

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Rebecca Schrader
Competitive Insurance of Dundee - Dundee, FL


This is all just RIDICULOUS...and so very SAD...IF it's true...

Nov 04, 2008 07:16 AM