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Many companies from many different types of businesses offer good or great customer service.  What does that mean?  Does that mean that they get answers or products and services to their clients within a week or one hour?  If you ask me, that's pretty broad.  Let's narrow that down, and especially for our business...Idaho Real Estate lending.

The media has informed most of us in the Idaho Real Estate industry and our borrowers and sellers of the economic difficulties of obtaining Idaho Home Financing for buying, selling, lending and borrowing on Idaho real estate.  These times call for more now!  Is it still possible to buy...yes!  Is it still possible to sell...yes (but may require a little patience)!  Is it still possible to lend...yes!  Lastly, is it still possible to BORROW...yes!

We've got to rise above this!  What is going to set one of us apart from another?  As an Idaho Lending institution our rates and fees will mean something to our clients.  What will make the difference?  We've got to get away from good customer service or even great customer service.  We need to offer SPECTACULAR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!  How do we do that?

The following are my top 4 keys to Idaho Lending:

1) Follow up.  Clients seem to be very tentative about buying, in particular.  They want to believe that it's the right time for them, right time in the market or the right time in our economy.  When they decide to contact a lender about Idaho's Home Loans (Funny...I'm in Idaho), they don't want to leave a message.  Generally, those clients want to talk to someone at that moment.  Since that's not always possible, spectacular customer service comes in to play.  We, lender's and Realtors, need to call these clients and potential clients back right away...within the hour or the half hour. 

2) Follow through.  If we agree to call back with an answer or deliver information, we need to do it.  It is very frustrating to ask for something and have to call back to remind the professional that we requested it.  We all need to remember that if we don't provide the necessary information to our clients, then someone else will!

3) Follow it.  Once a transaction is complete, let's follow it by staying in touch with our clients.  These contacts could be with Thank You notes, cards or telephone calls.  Our clients need to know that we are there for any additional finance need, real estate needs or their referrals to their family and friends.

4) Follow ME.  I want to follow up, follow through and follow it enough that the next time my clients want to purchase, refinance or have friends and family that want to purchase or refinance, they will follow ME.  I want my clients to feel that they've received that Spectacular Customer Service.  I want them to tell their friends and family that their Idaho Home Mortgage Consultant had Spectacular Customer Service.

Posted By: Melissa Drollinger - Idaho Home Mortgage Consultant located
in Southwest Idaho with an office in Meridian, Idaho. Specializing in Conventional,
FHA, VA, Idaho Housing First Time Homebuyer program and
USDA Rural Development Loans.


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George Tallabas
RE/MAX Advantage - Nampa, ID
Idaho Real Estate

Very good Melissa...Follow, Follow, Follow!

Nov 11, 2008 08:06 AM