Palmer Lake, Colon, MI - Magic Capital of the World

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Michigan Lakes Team

I am so excited to write about Palmer Lake, Colon, MI. Not really because of the lake as much as it is because of the village of Colon. This is no ordinary Southwest Michigan Lake community. There's something magic about Colon. Literally. Home to almost 1300 people, Colon is the Magic Capital of the World. The sign says so. Home to Abbot's Magic Manufacturing Company, the largest magic manufacturer in the world, Colon has a long history centered around magic that began in 1925 with Harry Blackstone's relocation to Colon. Colon is where he perfected his magic and featured exhibits for the residents. Each year in August, Colon's magical history is celebrated during Magic Week. Magicians from all over the world come to Colon hoping to share and learn their craft. Colon's name alone invites you to slow down. When naming the town, a dictionary was pulled out and the first word that was seen was 'Colon' - a mark of punctuation indicating a pause almost as long as that of a period. The town really is a pause in history - an invitation to sit down and pause for a bit. Palmer Lake is the largest lake in Colon, with 450 acres. An all-sports lake, Palmer Lake offers year round recreation. With a nice public beach on the north shore. Blatent plug: Check out this awesome retreat for sale now! Want to view homes for sale in Colon? Let us know! We'd love to show you around town. Photos of Colon Signposts to Colon

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