Historical Election

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The election is now over, the celebrators have all gone home, now is the time for the new President Elect to begin working for all Americans.  This was a historical election that either ticket could have made the history.  It just happened to be the Democratic ticket that made that history.  In both speeches they called for unity among parties and all Americans working together for the common good of our great nation.  I was very upset about the outcome of the election as I am sure many other Republicans were.  However, after sleeping on it and trying to look at it in a different perspective I have begun to look at this in a different way.

Now we have a very much Democratic controlled congress along with a Democratic president.  As a Republican this is very discouraging but maybe we will not have the gridlock and grandstanding that has become very common the past few months with the challenges that we have been facing in the US.    The controlling party will no longer feel the need to make underlying comments to try and undermine the President and his intentions.  This just may be the dose of reality that we all need in order to get this great country that we live in back on track. 

We all need to do what had become the theme of the whole election and reach across the aisle and work together to bring this country out of the darkness of the past few months.  I for one hope that this will bring about confidence in the economy and bring buyers and sellers back.

This is a great country that we live in and no matter who is elected to lead it we are still Americans and need to work together and hope for the best.  I am proud to live in a country that our children can dream of running the country no matter your race or gender and can reach that American Dream!

Now is the time for all Republicans, Democrats and Independents to unite and bring this country out of the challenges of the past and make us much stronger.

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