United We Stand ... Divided We Fall!

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Another view of the 2008 Presidential Elections.

Picture courtesy of Denver Post

Photo: Courtesy of Denver Post

The media has painted the 2008 Presidential Elections as a black and white race - influencing many African Americans to vote for Senator Obama, and many Caucasian Americans to vote for Senator McCain regardless of what the candidates stand for, and creating more division amongst Americans.

We fail to recognize the melting pot that the President Elect Obama represents.  He is bi-racial-- half black and half white.  What happened to the other half of his DNA?  Do we also forget that his Vice President is white?  Not only has the President Elect raised the hope and aspirations of African Americans, but also Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Italian Americans, etc. - that "if he did it, so could we".  But hope without education, hard work, discipline and love will not take us very far.

Just like a four-legged chair, you need all legs of the chair to support your weight when you sit on it.  What happens if you cut off a leg? Let us see beyond skin color, but what President Elect Obama and his Vice President Biden represent -- CHANGE.  Let us join hands and live and work in unison to stand strong.  "Yes we can!"  This is not a black victory ... "it's a victory for all of America"!

This is just my opinion.  What do you think?

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