October Real Estate Report: Lake of the Ozarks

Real Estate Agent with Melody L Anderson

Thru October of 2008, the median sales price of a single family residence at the Lake of the Ozarks has declined,  while the median price of a condo unit at the Lake increased. 

Looking closely at the sales numbers, however, the apparent median price increase is easily explained:  a substantially less number of 2 bedroom units have been sold in 2008.   In 2008, buyers were more apt to choose a pricier 3 bedroom condo unit.   For anyone undecided as to whether to purchase a 2 or 3 bedroom unit, this may be an interesting trend to monitor - if you're considering resale values and ease of sale.

(This article originally published at my Lake of the Ozarks blog and real estate site : October Real Estate Report: Lake of the Ozarks.)


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