Your real estate taxes might be escrowed... don't pay twice.

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Paris Gibson Realty

Real Estate Tax Bill are being mailed out here in Great Falls. 

Remember to check if your taxes and insurance are escrowed by your mortgage lender/bank.  I get lots of questions this time of year about, "Wow, I just got a bill ... and I thought my taxes are escrowed". 

I always remind my clients that they should double check to be sure, but in most cases both real estate taxes and insurance are escrowed.  That simply means that your bank or mortgage company pays them on your behalf because you pay into the escrow account every month. 


If you think there are errors or you are being taxed too much, you can always visit with our County Treasurer and also petition to have them reduced.  Our tax people here are pretty nice overall and usually willing to listen. 

If your taxes are not escrowed by your bank or mortgage company, then just pay the half that is due on the due date on the statement. 

Happy taxes.


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