Now that it's over or just beginning . . .

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So I am so guilty of this - I have been GLUED to the TV every moment that I'm not with clients, even when I should be sleeping!

I am of the opinion that like 9-11 and Katrina - people have been obsessed and completely absorbed by one of the most history making Presidential elections in our lifetimes. As well we should. Now that it's over or just beginning, do you think people's thoughts will return to eating, sleeping, working, buying homes?

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it . . . and that's what I have been telling my seller's when we discuss why there have been so few calls for showings or poor turn outs for open houses. Of course football on Sunday's impacts open houses here in Rochester NY especially when the Buffalo Bills are doing well. But today I had 2 calls for showings on a listing, so things may be looking up.

What's your opinion?

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