Are you a worker bee?

Real Estate Agent with Dukes Real Estate, Inc.

The current market can bring out the best and worst kinds of Realtors. I have been running into all kinds lately.

 I started my Real Estate career in the new home industry, I loved it. Most of the time I had offices that were well supplied and nicely decorated were I was in charge. I had marketing departments that spent big bucks to get the clients to the community, were I toured them through beautiful models, and I made great money. So, why did I leave - I was tried of the time it took away from the family, working every weekend for years took a toll on me.

 So, here I am in a "down market" with chaos all around trying to build my business. Working mostly as a buyer's agent I find out real fast which agents are just trying to slide by and which "work" their business. I have had to gather paper work, order inspections, call and turn on the utilities, make sure everyone is on the same page, the list goes on. Dealing with short sales, I have had to step in and get the sellers to give me permission to deal with their mortgage company as the listing agent wasn't making much of an effort in closing.  Even insurance companies ask me to find out information that they could Google themselves.

 Some of the worst realtors are not checking on their property listings (the signs are broken or down), no flyers in display boxes, or incorrect information in the MLS. I have run into agents that have even taken the key to homes so other realtors can not show the house trying to give their clients an edge. I am the realtor that will call the listing agent to get the key. In fact one time it worked in my favor. In this REO and Short Sale market I have run into listing agents that haven't even been to the house. Some of the ‘big' agents with many REO listings aren't any better they didn't even know that their home was at auction, or that their short sale was foreclosed.

 So, what are you doing to prove that you are the professional you claim to be? Are you letting others do your work? Remember, when each of us performs above what is asked it makes us all look good.

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