No More Wet and Soggy Flyers !!!!

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No More Wet and Soggy Flyers !!!! (edit/delete)

 NO MORE WET FLYERS  !!!!                                                              

Designed for the Real Estate Industry to help protect Brochures and Flyers from the rain and snow melt.  Made of  tough PLASTIC it fits tightly around the  (4"x 4")  sign post.  The idea was sparked by continuous complaints from home buyers and sellers tired of the wet soggy flyers that are illegible, stick together and are difficult to get back inside the box.    Regardless of the box design, weighted lids and all... the flyers are wet and marketing dollars are wasted.  Listed below, are a few samples of the ongoing wet flyer saga.

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To order: "Flyer Visor" 
Phone: (971) 344-2991 or (503) 756-4782 Patent: P#629801                                  

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Real Estate Blog - Say "Goodbye" to Yard Sign Flyer Boxes

Aug 1, 2008 ... If my seller lives in the home; I give them 100 flyers
 and have them put 20 in at a time (nothing worse than getting a
wet crumbled flyer)

 Real Estate Blog - Flyers, Love um or Leave um?

Oct 3, 2008 ... With the climate in Florida, the flyers always seem
to get wet  in an afternoon thunderstorm or just wet from the
humidity on a hot day.

 Real Estate Blog - Talking Houses, Chatting up buyers or Just a ...

We use the boxes in the summer, during winter the flyers turn to
wet mush....because of the damp weather, ...

 Real Estate Blog - Congrats Eastside Professionals BNI Chapter!

I think that if the wind catches the flap just right, it will open and
the rain will wet down the flyers.

 To order: "Flyer Visor" 
Phone: (971) 344-2991 or (503) 756-4782 Patent: P#629801  

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