Moving to WV now slightly cheaper.

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A long time tax conundrum is being cured, at least in the state of WV. Effective June 7th those moving into the state will no longer have to pay a 5% tax on their new vehicles. Though not sounding like a great amount it is one less annoying moving expense. 

 Yes, this could be history, the first time a government gives up so much as a penny in taxes! 

 Below Text is from DMV website.

New Privilege Tax Law for New Residents (Effective June 7, 2007) If you title your vehicle in West Virginia prior to June 7, 2007, you will be subject to the five percent (5%) privilege tax. Vehicles titled after that date, will not be subject to the tax. Anyone having an out-of-state license plate expiring prior to the effective date cannot legally operate their vehicle with an expired license plate. No refunds will be issued to anyone paying the tax prior to the effective date. The vehicle must be titled in the applicant's name in another state.

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