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If you follow the interest rates on long term mortgage financing, you would see that we are in a relatively flat cycle, with rates as low as a year ago.   There are many factors that impact the average rates for mortgage financing.  These include the benchmark treasury bond markets,  economic reports, federal funds language, oil prices, performance of the stock market, strength of the dollar, etc etc.   One quick way to forecast the future of interest rates is to take a walk inside your local bank.   See what the rate of interest on a short term CD is paying, versus a longer term CD.  Its a no brainer!!!   Banks are paying less interest on longer term CDs than the shorter term CDs.   What does this tell you?   They dont want to pay out higher returns in interest to you, the investor, if they think rates are going to fall in the future.  Usually, we see longer term CDs paying slightly higher rates.  Check it out!  If you would like more information on current mortgage interest rates,  home values, or any other questions regarding real estate and mortgage financing, please contact Karl Kruger at 925-895-6467, or send an email to karl@northstatefinancial.com

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