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The Sky's Not Falling!

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Home prices and sales are down, the stock market is way down, 401K's and IRA's have evaporated, the whole world in in a ressession; so what's good?  Did you know that you can purchase real estate inside and IRA?  You can even leverage property inside a self directed IRA.  What a marketing tool.  If people are tired of loosing money in the "paper assets" of the stock market; why not help them aquire solid assets in a self directed IRA/Roth IRA.  If you are young a Roth is the best bet.  It works a lot better than a 1031 tax defered exchange.  As the assets build and properties are sold and rolled over into other larger properties there are no tax consequences.  At retirement time assets can be taken out again tax free.  What a deal! With prices down and rentals in demand now is the time to make an investment that will appreciate and generate a steady stream of income in the interim.  Even a regular IRA is better than a 1031 because taxes are defered in the same way as the 1031 but the asset can be sold at retirement time and left in the IRA to be distributed slowly and not have huge tax ramifications in any given year.  I did this myself with an old 401K/IRA just before this stock market crash and boy am I glad I did.  Real estate can be the answer for many people in todays market.   Think about it. Call or email me if you need questions answered.

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