My name is Benjie Hearn, I"M NEW. Say hi to me.

Services for Real Estate Pros with Global Advantage Credit Solutions
I do complete Credit Restoration and I don't just write letters and dispute
online with the credit bureaus like most companies do.  I do validations of
debt and audit the creditors directly using certified mail.  Our intense
audit demands the validation and verification of any derogatory information
reporting to your client's reports.

Because of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting
Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, & HIPAA - the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, your clients are entitled to
dispute information on their credit reports.  That's were I come in.  Global
Advantage Credit Solutions will work with your clients to improve their

We do this using our (AMPP) process.  Here's the kicker.  Because of our
relationship with a 30 year old investment company, we also have the ability
to extend an installment loan as well as unsecured lines of credit through
Visa and Mastercard.  Long story short, we get results!  We are fully
licensed, bonded, and registered with the State of Texas.

For more information, please visit our website (
<>; ) or call (877)33-SCORE.  Help your clients
help you make more money!

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